Design Faster with all-in-one UI Kit

Complete Set of Material UI styles, components, page layouts, icons and buttons. Create product designs with the Biggest Material UI Kit compliant with Material Design by Google.

What's inside?

Over 100 Local Styles

Set your style in seconds. Adapt your design with predefined colors, effects and text styles.

1500 Components

Save time and create fully-featured products with robust and customizable Material UI components for Figma.

5360 Icons

Broad choice of icons grouped according to Material Design guidelines. Available in 5 styles.

What you get?


Material UI Kit includes all components described by the official Material Design guidelines and even more available in Material UI.

Auto Layout

Donโ€™t waste your time on resizing elements as they adjust automatically. Spend less time working out the minute details, and more time focusing on the big picture.

Pixel Perfect

Every element of the UI Kit is compliant with Material UI so developers can quickly implement every detail you create.


Adapting Layers to your brand and style is easy and quick to do. Change fonts, colors and effects on the fly to whatever your project requires.


Use Material UI Kit as a Team Library, and enable yourself and your Team to collaborate, and edit from a single source.

Ready-to-use examples

Get inspired how you can use our components with already built examples from Material UI Docs and entire app screens.

Many team roles, one UI Kit

UX Designers

Wireframe with a library of ready components.

Deliver visually ready wireframes to avoid misunderstandings.

Adjust global changes on every component that needs be changed.

Build custom views from components to complex layouts.

UI Designers

Build your app on a ready-made design system inspired by Material Design.

Rely your product designs on pixel-perfect Material UI components.

Work with UX and Developers on 1:1 design match.

Change styles in seconds with the cascade structure of the UI Kit.


Build your app with the most popular React library.

Reduce coding time by using components straight from Figma.

Know how exactly your product will look like before the first line of code.

Minimize the number of misunderstandings with UX & UI Designers.

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